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Studio 43B: Red
Backlit panels with graphical panels on one side and a stack of monitors on the the other. Approx..
Blurred Monitors
A monitor wall with a textured glass effect that blurs the monitors. Approximately 1.9MB download..
World in Motion
Multiple layers and motion blurs give this background an active look that perfect for newscasts a..
News Update Swirl
Swirling bands of radiate on the sides with the text "News Update" in 3D. Approximately 2.2MB dow..
Weather Icons
Designed for use with the ChromaVault Classic Blue News Graphics Package, this package includes 1..
Panel Wall
A wall full of blurred monitors with glass panels in front, perfect for standups. Includes an alt..
World In Motion: Blue
A variation on our popular purple World In Motion background. Multiple layers and motion blurs gi..
Studio 55
A fresh, contemporary look with a monitor wall array in the background. Also includes a version w..
Studio 44C Assignment Desk: Blue
A modern assignment desk that works for a wide variety of uses. Includes versions with "Assignmen..
Glassed Control Room
A general-purpose background showing angled glass panels in front of a control room. Approximatel..
Breaking: Red
Full of shiny metal and monitors, this over-the-top background is perfect for breaking news or im..
Monitor Wall: Blue
A monitor wall with a textured blue background. Also includes version with frosted world map over..
War Room
Perfect for war, homeland security and military content. Approximately 2MB download. ..
Studio 8
A work area with a wall of monitors, computers and counter with a clean white ceiling. Plus a sub..
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