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Designed to coordinate with our Fidelity News Graphics Package, this background also makes a grea..
$20.00 $4.99
Weather Panels
Cloud background perfect for weather and storm updates featuring transparent panels. Approximatel..
Studio 16: Blue
A windowed control room is fronted by two modern structural elements and LCDs. Includes a version..
Window On the World
Glass windows and wood paneling curve inward in this general purpose background. Includes version..
Studio 57D Newsroom: Orange
A modern newsroom that works for a wide variety of uses. This version includes the orange newsroo..
News Update Ticker
An array of monitors mounted under a red ticker reading "News Update." Also includes a perspectiv..
Classic Blue Background
Designed to coordinate with our our Classic Blue News Graphics Package, this background also make..
$20.00 $4.99
Stormy Skies
Dramatic lightning and clouds. Approximately 2.9MB download. ..
Studio 22
A modern look with bright blue lighted columns and a monitor array. Approximately 1.8MB download...
Studio 11
A general purpose background with wood, glass and monitors. Includes versions with blank monitors..
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Studio 43A: Blue
Backlit panels with graphical panels on one side and a stack of monitors on the the other. Approx..
Studio 24
Dramatic angled windows with lighted columns overlook a night time city view while stacks of LCD ..
News Update
Perfect for news update segments or breaking news. Includes version with and without 3D text. App..
News Update III
Designed to match our Breaking News graphic, this red background provides an urgent look. Approxi..
School News OTS Collection
Designed for use with the ChromaVault Classic Blue News Graphics Package, this download includes ..
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