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Trusswork Monitors
Metal trusswork backed by a monitor wall. Includes left and right side standing position versions..
Monitor Wall: Black
A monitor wall with a textured black background. Also includes version with frosted world map ove..
Control Room
A general-purpose background showing a modern television control room. Includes a blurred and a n..
Studio 77
A curved span on monitors is fronted by a curved header and lighted columns. Approximately 1.3MB ..
Control A
Based on an actual photo of a control room, this wide span of monitors gives any production a pro..
Modern Election: Blue
Great for election and political coverage. Includes four versions of background, including a blan..
Wall Screen
A wood paneled wall with a metal-framed screen. Includes JPEG and PNG versions. Approximately 3.0..
Frosted Panels
A sleek modern wall juts back at an angle. Image includes progressive blur effect to create the i..
Studio 44B Assignment Desk: Gray
A modern assignment desk that works for a wide variety of uses. Includes versions with "Assignmen..
Studio 57A Newsroom: Blue
A modern newsroom that works for a wide variety of uses. This version includes the blue newsroom...
Control B
Based on a photograph of an actual television production facility, this smaller-scale control roo..
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Election Stars
Cover politics and elections in style with this patrotic background. Includes left and right side..
Blue Streak
Simple vertical streaks in a bold blue. Approximately 2.2MB download. ..
News Update II
Another variation on our popular news update background featuring shiny 3D letters and a bold blu..
Breaking News
Bright red creates urgency in this breaking news background. Includes left and right side standin..
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