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Trusswork Monitors
Metal trusswork backed by a monitor wall. Includes left and right side standing position versions..
Monitor Sphere
A all-purpose look with a dramatically-curved monitor wall and plasma monitor. Includes version w..
This is a general purpose, modern background with a slanted wall of windows in front of a night t..
Monitor Perspective
Dramatic perspectives of a monitor wall. Includes three angles. Approximately 4.6MB download. ..
Wall Screen
A wood paneled wall with a metal-framed screen. Includes JPEG and PNG versions. Approximately 3.0..
Plasma Column
A modern background with blurred monitors, railing and thick column with plasma. Includes left an..
Blue Streak
Simple vertical streaks in a bold blue. Approximately 2.2MB download. ..
Global City
An all-purpose background with a blurred cityscape and metal globe outline and plasma monitor. In..
Breaking News: Modern
Breaking news background with control room in back. Includes version without main Breaking News t..
$20.00 $4.99
Block City: Warm
A 3D cityscape set against a grid and bold color background. The warm series includes yellow, ora..
Blue Swirl
Vibrant, active swirls in a bold blue. Approximately 1.7MB download. ..
Miniature text at a variety of angles and layers that makes a great general purpose background. A..
Red Swirl
Vibrant rings set against a bold red tone. Approximately 2.3MB download. ..
The Bridge: Yellow
An all-purpose background with a lighted frame surrounding an image. Includes version with space ..
Perspective Panels
A great high-tech, modern background. Includes left and right side standing position versions and ve..
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